Skulls and stones and gold

If you put off buying something for long enough, eventually it will get discounted. That, or it will go off sale, and you’ll never have the chance to buy it, which is probably for the best.

I procrastinated for months about buying these Mawi earrings, and then, whaddya know, they appear with a 50% discount on Cocosa.

It was meant to be. Swoon.

Mawi for less money

I’ve been a member of designer sale site Cocosa pretty much since the day it launched. I like designer clothes, but I don’t like spending money; it’s a no brainer. So far I’ve bought three things, the most recent of which you can see above…

First up I got a ludicrous jewel encrusted Christian Lacroix bow brooch, which is so big I don’t really know what to do with it. My second buy was a Nougat dress for my friends’ wedding last month.

Earlier this week I invested in the Mawi necklace above, for a third of it’s original price. It’s huge, heavy and very shiny. Walking around the office today (it arrived first thing, hence the decorative subbing backdrop), I jingled and jangled like a one man band. The pendants include a chunky pony medallion and a skull – what better combination?

I’m a huge fan of sale sites, particularly Cocosa which gives you previews of what’s coming next and even allows you to add sale dates to your Outlook! Perhaps the only good thing about using Outlook?? Sample sales can be so hit and miss, and are usually held at particularly inconvenient times/locations. After the Outnet debacle – and the fact they usually only have sample sizes – I have to say this kind of mailing-list/only sale is a much nicer way to shop.

Anyway, I also want to take a moment to give Cocosa some appreciation for their customer service. Earlier in the week, I foolishly hit ‘block’ on my emails, thus deleting myself from their mailing list. Smart move huh? And apparently not an easy one to undo. Their support team have been amazingly helpful and deserve some kind of award for patience. Ta!