Peace love and Mulberry

There’s no point denying who you are, dude. I need to get over pretending I’m not a massive hippy. Today I walked around the office in bare feet, like a latter day Joss Stone. Peace signs, especially in gold, are so aesthetically pleasing. So 1980s Moschino, but Mulberry manage to make it tasteful on this £2,000 pink ostrich Peace & Love Lily bag. Tasteful, but expensive.

[Mulberry; the Budapest peace protest; Natalia; Peace tea]


Best eBay buy ever: Moschino letter satchel

I wear my beloved Moschino belt pretty much every single day of my life, so in a bid to give it a break I bought this handbag. Now I can enjoy tacky 80s brass letters every day, whether the outfit suits a belt or not.

Actually, one of the reasons I bought this bag was for Primavera. I do like to buy an entire new themed wardrobe for every eventuality and it suddenly dawned on me that although I have about 40 handbags, I don’t have a brown one with a short strap, which is OBVIOUSLY the only kind of bag suitable for a Spanish beachfront festival. Doy.

Good job this was on eBay, and that the sale ended on Bank Holiday Friday after I’d had three pints of Alpine. Fate!

Is Claire Inc the best vintage shop on the internet?

Claire Inc is a mighty force

Claire Inc cannot be defeated

Claire Inc has 20 x 20 vision

Claire Inc leaps shopping aisles in a single bound

Claire Inc cannot be defined

Claire Inc fired Anna Wintour

Claire Inc finds it if you cant

Claire Inc is land downunder

Claire Inc is nouvelle vague

Claire Inc is vintage NOT vintage

Claire Inc is Four Seasons

Claire Inc is Incorruptible

And don’t worry, if you don’t love Moschino as much as I do, there’s piles of Chanel, Givenchy, and Chloe too.

That Moschino briefcase!!

Maison Moschino flogging furniture

As if Maison Moschino wasn’t exciting enough, now you can get a piece o’ the Moschino hotel action in your own home with this unabashedly kitsch chair. O. M. G. My house feels strangely shit without it (be sure to click and see it full size). Every room in the Moschino hotel is designed and inspired by fairytales, with old classics like ‘Alice’s Room’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ being pretty self-explanatory. There’s also ‘Sleeping In A Ballgown‘ which is a fine name for a hotel room and the cryptic ‘Ribbon’ room, which is where this chair started out life. I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to tell you why. Look how beautiful the room is!

Anyway, the chair is obviously a reinterpretation of the famous Philippe Starck for Kartell Mademoiselle chair which has been redesigned numerous times for various designers including a snazzy D&G leopard one and one from the omni-present Missoni which I assume is in their hotel somewhere. You can buy this chair, but it’s a POA job so make of that what you will.

Definitely reminds me of the Luella purse;

… and all her horse show ribbon creations. DIY ’til I die? Hmmm,

Autumn/Winter 2010: Moschino

HAH, of course I loved Moschino, you fools. Of course! The black, the gold, the resurrection of the best belt I own. I even like the cowboy hats? Wait, do I? Yeah, I do. I know it’s a bit Destry Rides Again does Dallas with a side of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas but who would call any of those things bad? Noone, that’s who. So combined? Gotta be good. Actually, I was kind of grossed outby the last few looks but I loved the first half. The earring handbags! What wit! The fringed gold jacket! Lovely, ostentatious, perfect.