Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring

Shoemeister Nicholas Kirkwood takes on the mighty pop art of eighties graffiti guru Keith Haring… and sort of wins? The top two are amazing, the bottom two… well, not so much up my street… what IS that round thing? Hope it’s a zippy compartment, like the condom pouch in an Ann Summers bra. [That pocket exists. I went to an Ann Summers party when I was about 16 with my friend’s mum; it was terrible, but I learned something which I would then go on to use in a blog post ten years later, so who’s laughing now?]

“I watched this documentary called The Universe of Keith Haring,” says Nicholas, “And though I know his style, I hadn’t seen the breadth of his work. I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing and prolific he was and how great it would be to incorporate his graphics into my designs, so I ended up approaching the Keith Haring Foundation. I had to really sell them the product, but I think they’re pretty happy with the end result.”

The 12-piece collection – including, apparently, the first ever Nicholas Kirkwood ballerina flat – will be available in February next year.