The bond between the hopeful and the damned

Red and green should never be seen. Hmm. Redheads look great in green though, don’t they? As a (faux-) redhead, I feel like maybe I should wear green, but it’s never really been a colour I’ve been drawn to. Can’t think of any green items in my wardrobe, except this sick lime green palm print dress which I wear every summer.


Anyway, these Office shoes that were on the Guardian Edit today have made me reconsider. Green is a delicious colour, no other word for it!

Lacoste Nubuck bowling shoes are the dream


Maybe I’ve been sitting in this office with the sun beating down on my face for too long, but I think these may very well be the nicest shoes I’ve seen all year. The perforations remind me of bowling shoes (as in crown green bowls, not the ten pin kind) and the sensible heel probably won’t give old gammy knee any gyp either. Alas when I used the Lacoste store locator on their website, it told me my nearest stockist was in Rochdale. Hmm.

Lacoste Nubuck, £???