Big hair and beehives in Numero

This Numéro editorial is a bit disjointed but that doesn’t really matter because all I’m here to say is that I like the hair. Dug up from the ancient past of 2005 by the always brilliant Rackk and Ruin, this spread appeals to all my base levels. So predictable are my interests that if you interjected these pictures with pictures of my BA ~moodboards~ [sorry, it’s impossible to write that word without the addition of a tilde of derision], they’d blend seamlessly. In fact, were the timing not out, I would think that maybe I’d actually used them. As it happens, the basis for my collection was an i-D shoot featuring some girl that looks like Frances Bean Cobain.

A baby with hair extensions

The best thing about my work isn’t the free haircuts. It’s not the free makeup and perfume. It’s not even the spa weekends where you get a massage and a pork pie [see my adventures at Ragdale Hall]. Nah, the best thing about my job is working with the tsunami of fierce herself, Charleen. Charles is the most badass, funny, awesome girl on the planet and now you poor miscreants that don’t get to work with her can get a piece of the action yourselves:

P&P blog gently takes the piss out of all your faves

I’m sure many of you will have seen the P&P blog already, but just in case you haven’t… This spoof French fashion site is a gentle dig at all those achingly self-aware style blogs that we all love to waste the 4:30-5:15 segment of the working day on. No matter how much you love those highly saturated, rounded corner, inquisitive stare at the camera bow-legged stance photos, it’s still nice to have a little laugh at them. These pics are from Lorenzo and Vincent’s recreation of  The Cherry Blossom Girl‘s recent MyWardrobe haul. Definitely the sincerest form of flattery I’ve ever seen!

Inside Lynn Yaeger’s apartment

Incredible pictures of the awe-inspiring Lynn Yaeger’s amazing apartment. Read the whole feature here! I love how obsessed she is with eBay and collecting oddities. A real hero and so much more fun than a white, big-windowed, minimalistic swankster flat that you usually see on these things.

All pics from The Inside Source, where Lynn will now be a guest columnist. Please go read the full article too, it’s a great read!

I like Brigid Berlins

Good old Twin, always educating me in areas which I was previously unaware of. Today’s lesson is on Brigid Berlin, who was apparently Andy Warhol’s best friend. Her house was profiled on New York Social Diary the other week. While the apartment is clearly nuts, eagle-eyed viewers will notice her somewhat obsessive passion for pugs. That’s my kinda gal. These slippers are going on my birthday list. Prep the needlepoint mum.