Patricia Nicolas: Unborn collection

I think the next thing (hate saying ‘piece’, makes you sound like such a tool) I’m going to invest in will be from Patricia Nicolas. Love the whole Unborn collection — anything with a creepy hand is a winner in my eyes.

Also the Boyfriends collection! The handwriting on the website could be overkill but she nails it and strikes just the right balance of homespun quirk without being annoyingly twee.

The cruise collection which she just posted on her blog looks great too. Here are my picks.  Are they eyeballs or one eyed skully things? Love the spiders too, remind me of  the spider rings I stole from my friend’s Halloween party ages ago and always consider wearing. If they were less obviously plastic, I’d be all over that idea.

Coming soon to My-Wardrobe…

Patricia Nicolas website here

Patricia Nicolas blog here