Beauty and the Beast: Matte texture

Ever since Prada’s matted pigtails the season before last, I’ve been obsessed with getting that texture. Yes, it is kind of the texture of a gross massive dreadlock, but it’s infinitely more stylish… right? I just love how malleable it is; creating essentially quite sexy shapes — hair swept over one eye, loads of volume around the crown, chic beehive — but making those shapes out of grungy, really dirty looking hair rather than a bouncy clean blow-dry. Infinitely more interesting and I’m always up for making something potentially sexy look really ugly instead.

Malcolm Edwards, aka the God of Hair, aka L’Oréal Professionnel’s spokesman and all round genius catwalk hair stylist, discussed this look at length at their last trend event. Here’s what he had to say about the Prada hair!

Free-spirited, cheeky and defiant, you can imagine her strutting through a corridor clutching a file, wearing lashings of red lipstick and a spontaneous hair style thrown together in two minutes in the girls’ bogs*. But look closer and there’s more going on. Every detail of the style, no matter how slapdash it appears, has been thought about. The heavy side fringe has been deliberately placed to created a well considered flirtation device, perfect for coyly peeping out from underneath. The skinny bunches were worked with excessive amounts of product for a textured base, but without being over-styled…

The texture creates a strong statement, which once mastered can be moulded into position to create any style. Prep the base with a cocktail of volumising and texturising products. Spray a generous amount of Volume Lift or massage Volume Lift into the roots, then using a vent brush while drying, pull the hair in an upwards direction to get height. Hair needs density and a bit of crunch and bite, so once dry use Play Ball Texture Tonic on the ends. Tie into low pigtails or plaits, or a slap dash top know. Finish with Fix Design to hold.

*Malcolm didn’t say bogs in his written quote, but having heard the great man speak on numerous occasions, I’m pretty sure he would have used the word IRL.

So that’s the look and I love it. Obviously you don’t have to go for schoolgirl braids, you can just pile on the texture products then do what you will with the rest of your hair. I like a beehive with a bit of crunchy shit in it — if you need to use a lot of product to get your look, then you might as well go all out. Anyway, all of  this was supposed to be about this new Stephen Meisel for Vogue Italia shoot which has been all over the internet already. Bad. Fucking. Ass. Love the hair so much and although it’s obviously pretty avant garde in terms of styling, you can really see how to take elements of the look and work with it to create something nodding to the trend.