Pink and plastic = Shampoo. Always.


Shampoo band quiz

I’ve been calling these pink plastic sunglasses that I bought on Monday my creepy dude¬†specs, because they look like something a weird guy¬†would have worn in the 70s. The truth, however, is that they are my Shampoo glasses. Just like my plastic mac is my Shampoo mac, my leather mini skirt is my Shampoo skirt, and my hologram creepery-stompy boots are, in fact, my Shampoo boots.

Shampoo forever!

If you want big pink plastic sunglasses so you can pretend you’re in the best girl group of the 90s, they’re from Topshop and you can get them here.

Word of warning. Unlike other sunglasses, you can’t glare at everyone in the tube and roll your eyes at people in secret because everyone can see through ’em. Apparently.

Shampoo: never, ever, ever forget

Bulett Magazine - Poor Little Rich Girl shoot

Bulett Magazine - Poor Little Rich Girl shoot

Bullett Magazine - Poor Little Rich Girl shoot

Oh well I just adore this Poor Little Rich Girls shoot from Bullett.

It goes without saying that it reminds me of my beloved Shampoo – and you can see a rather extensive retrospective of their style in this old post. The shoot’s just so spot on – I mean, there’s a pink fur wall which wouldn’t have looked out of my place in my teenage bedroom (which actually still looks the same, like a time capsule back to 1999) and there’s an inflatable sofa. Where do you even get inflatable sofas these days?

Incredible hair from Thanos Samaras too – see the whole shoot here!

Style icons: Shampoo

The purchase of the spangly daisy top got me on a Shampoo kick – and since my last one, some magical being has created a Tumblr all about Jacqui and Carrie!

I know it’s trite to say you love Shampoo, but honestly, I was obsessed. I liked them even more than Kenickie, and that’s saying something.

I had a ring binder, somewhat like a press clippings folder, where I gathered every interview with them I could find. During my pre- and teenage years, I got NME, Smash Hits. TOTP mag, Melody Maker, Q, Just Seventeen, More!… god, what else? All of them. Anything they could be in, because I couldn’t miss pictures of Jacqui and Carrie. I worshiped them and everything they wore, said and did. In fact, I think I only got in to the Manic Street Preachers because they liked them. I videod their appearances on the Big Breakfast, the Pepsi Chart Show, TFI Friday, I taped their backstage interviews on that show they used to do on Radio 1 live from backstage at TOTP… Smash Hits once did this ace feature where they wrote out what various popstars had as their voicemails. How I wished for an answering machine so I could have the same message at them!

You get the point. Here are the pictures. ALL via the amazing amazing amazing Wash & Go-Go!

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