Metal on metal: Lazy Oaf go groupie


Oh now I do like this Head Banger Bomber Jacket from Lazy Oaf.

The patches all look well and good with nice graphics and a classic metal palette of red, black and yellow, but it’s when you see them up close that you benefit from the lols as well as the style.


A skeleton hand with a fag and a bottle of beer!

A Nevereva smiley!

Just kinda sad there’s no pizza slice.

It just so happens – no, really, not even lying – that I found this bomber while we were watching the rerun of Metal Evolution on Sky Arts. If you’ve not been blessed enough to watch it yet, some kind soul has put it on YouTube – here you go:

Olympia Le-Tan gets milk

Milk makes me gip*, but I’d make an exception for one of these Olympia Le-Tan carton bags.

Not since the Coffee and TV video have I felt so strongly about a carton of milk.

Something about the wording really appeals to me – ‘the best milk ever’ is a fine marketing slogan – and I quite like the idea of having a big old milk carton slung around my body, rather than grasping one of Olivia’s more subtle book clutches.

Or am I totally deluded? Are they the 2012 equivalent of a Shaun the Sheep bag complete with socks and a baby t-shirt? I’d like to think I’m right on this one, but always willing to be corrected.

They are almost as expensive as her book bags though, so little to no chance of me ever getting my grubby mitts on one and finding out. If you’re more financially blessed, you can buy them here.

* Seriously, those people that swig milk out of the carton on the bus are the worst.

[Kate Moss picture – MiniXXL; milk bag picture – StreetPeeper]

Furcoat favourites: week one

A bunch of my favourite blogs do weekly round-ups of new products that they love, so in a bid to give this site a bit structure and in a blatant copy of content produced by my pals, here are some things I like this week.

1. Love the snot-green shade of the Whistles Sophie Bramble Stitch Sweater, £55 (was £95) – the slouchy shape and waffle fabric are perfect too.

2. I saw a few campaign pictures featuring Topshop’s Clueless Lipstick, £7 and have been hunting it down ever since. Duh, it’s only just available. Perfect pink.

3. These Sea NY Dog-Print Shorts, £205 feature PUGS. You can also buy a shirt with the same print, which is probably a more realistic option.

4. I pinned these dreamy Carven Linen and Patent-Leather Slingbacks, £340 a while ago and it looks like they’ve finally made it to the UK. I just really like pink, evidently.

5. Dead into the House of Holland cruise collection and this Bones Silk Blouse, £130 (was £195) is now included in the Urban Outfitters sale which makes it a tiny bit more realistic to buy. You should also be able to get free shipping with the code UOVIP!

6. If you happen to be in NYC, my favourite beauty suppliers, Ricky’s, is now selling these really cute No-Crease Bow Clips, $5.99. They were used everywhere at fashion week for clipping hair off the face without leaving indents – they are designed for use backstage or for session styling, but they’re so nice I’d just wear them anyway.

7. I bought the rose-gold version of this skirt from Topshop before Christmas and the Metallic Blue Pleated Skirt, £90 is a nice summer update. It kinda reminds me of Wonder Woman too, which can only ever be a good thing.

8. Selfridges is celebrating two years of glorious online shopping this month, and to celebrate they’ve teamed up with Diptyque to release this Exclusive Mimosa Candle, £40 in their trademark sunshine yellow.

Shiny Christmas dresses from the sale

The best thing about all these sales popping up before Christmas is buying yourself #partyseason treats. When I got an email about the Matches sale this morning I had a cursory glance and it soon became apparent that they are pretty much a one-stop shop for Christmas Day dresses, should you go in for all that. We trudge to church first thing in the morning on the 25th and having a festive dress planned is one of the few things that makes crawling out of bed bearable.

I’d be happy with any of these numbers – although who am I kidding, I chose my Christmas Day dress back in September.

It’s red and it’s velvet, but it’s also leopard print. Marc by Marc Jacobs dress was £510, now £255.

Can’t beat red satin at Christmas really, can you? And it has a jumbo bow which we all know = festive. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania Friday dress was £310, now £217.

Red plaid flannel is about as festive as it gets and the drop-waist gives a sly ol’ fashion nod to next season. Carven Tartan dress was £364, now £254.

You’d never believe this tasteful, demure number was D&G but there you have it. Velvet and Lace dress was £585, now £409.

And if you’re not a dress person, this is possibly the most luxe Christmas jumper going. Marc by Marc Jacobs Sequinned Sweater was £490, now £196.

I wish I could tell you had an extra email subscriber’s discount code, but I don’t. If that changes, you’ll be the first to know.

If Karl Lagerfeld did forks…

Claire Inc is one of my favourite sites for perving on high-end vintage, but amongst the classic Chanel and YSL pieces you can quite often find 80s oddities from the likes of Moschino and Karl Lagerfeld.

Case in point: today I found a pearl-encrusted Karl Lagerfeld fork brooch. It is $245 and if anyone wants to buy me it for Christmas, I’ll DM you my address.

Whistles limited edition Halloween blouse

I’ve made it pretty clear how keen I am on Halloween and I think most of you know that I’m into Whistles too sooooo…. when they tweeted earlier about their new limited edition Halloween print it’s safe to say I was pretty excited. In fact, my phone lost its connection on the train just as I was trying to open the picture and my heart was PALPITATING as I tap-tapped away trying to open the above picture, which appears to be on a blouse.

Sold exclusively at Selfridges as part of the Dead Cool initiative this October, the print features bats and clouds and the spookiest kind of moon, the full moon. It’s limited edition, which isn’t such a problem, and £175, which is.

In other creepsville news, check out this other 1920s horror film gif I found:

I really like Halloween

I know a lot of people are too cool for Halloween but I’M NOT! Anything with a skeleton print and drippy-blood font is A-OK in my book. Here are some of my favourite vaguely SPOOKSVILLE bits in the shops at the moment.

Creepy Louise Brooks gif bringing some 1920s ~glamour to the post.

Ashish Skeleton Sequin Top // Death’s Door Gin

Halloween Costume Card // Severed Chocolate Fingers just like Andy’s accident

Tinsel Bolero // Fleur Fantome

Skull Candle // Vampire Sleepers

Skeleton All-in-One // Bat Necklace

 Oh, and my Spotify Halloween playlist (obv) is here!

Peace love and Mulberry

There’s no point denying who you are, dude. I need to get over pretending I’m not a massive hippy. Today I walked around the office in bare feet, like a latter day Joss Stone. Peace signs, especially in gold, are so aesthetically pleasing. So 1980s Moschino, but Mulberry manage to make it tasteful on this £2,000 pink ostrich Peace & Love Lily bag. Tasteful, but expensive.

[Mulberry; the Budapest peace protest; Natalia; Peace tea]