Obsessed with the Hermes wicker basket

Hermes Kelly Wicker Picnic Bag… For when your Asda carrier just won’t cut the mustard.

Via High Snobette

Obsessed with blue john jewellery

Anyone who grew up in Sheffield will have had at least one day out to Castleton to see one of the Blue John mines. As someone whose dad’s main interest are mines, rocks, and more rocks, I probably spent more time than most as a child investigating this curious rare blue fluorite (I knew that word without looking it up, these things stick) which is only found in the small Derbyshire village of Castleton and is the only semi-precious stone still mined in England. Following a massive fashion for it in the 19th century, it was mined excessively and is now quite rare – Wikipedia says only a few hundred kilograms are mined each year these days, which explains why it’s now so valued.

I hadn’t given Blue John much though since childhood – there’s only so many trips to Treak Cliff Cavern one can undertake before it starts to get boring – but when I was in Sheffield this weekend my boyfriend’s mum mentioned some jewellery she’d recently bought and my interests were PIQUED.  I’m now on a mission to pick up anything I can, although the fact I only wear gold jewellery (or should that be, gold plated) means it’s quite pricey. Still, here’s some highlights – lest we forget my birthday is a mere two weeks away.

All the above from Parriss Jewellers.

PS Also available here – but the pics are teeny so I didn’t even bother. Good range though!

PPS Same here!

Balenciaga makes shark-teeth bracelets acceptable

When it comes to accessories, these are my worsties:

5) Scarves made out of this kind of chenille wool;
4) This exact shoe;
3) Really small ugly black leather nondescript handbags;
2) Matrix sunglasses;

…and in prime position…

1) Leather thong necklaces with vaguely ~tribal~ silver pendants

This Balenciaga bracelet feels like it could go a bit the way of my number one worsty, but I guess the fact that it is lovingly crafted from pewter and beautiful dentritic agate saves it. I’d still feel like a bit of a meathead wearing a shark tooth bracelet, but I reckon I could handle being a Balenciaga-clad meathead.

If you want to go all-out Fat Willy’s Surf Shack meathead, Balenciaga are also doing shark tooth pendants on leather thongs!! Noooooooo.

Alberto Guardiani lipstick heels

Despite having relatively small feet, I seem to trip over them on a pretty regular basis. I’m currently nursing a twisted ankle after going arse over tit last week, and I stack it on the curb outside the office on a weekly basis. Flats, heels, running, walking, drunk, sober; I just can’t walk.

All my shoes are invariably in terrible condition, which is why I don’t fancy chancing it in these Alberto Guardiani lipstick heels, no matter how bad-ass they are. Available at Colette – where else?

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Abbey Lee Kershaw has amazing taste in jewellery

Love these pictures of Abbey Lee Kershaw’s ringers which I found on Knight Cat. I have a heap of new rings which I need to take pictures of, but the main thing I take from this picture is how much too fat my fingers are for the pink YSL Arty which Abbey models so expertly.

I went to buy it in Selfridges (the only place I can still find the pink one), only to discover that my enormous hands are just too enormous. Wah wah. The nice lady from YSL did tell me that they only got small sizes in, but that’s kind of a barbed compliment, isn’t it?

(Fat) fingers crossed they have some left somewhere in NYC.

PS Abbey’s turquoise ring is from here!

A new take on the straw basket

This basket backpack is too cool.

I don’t think I can ever get behind backpacks in their native form, but this straw number works for me. Add a baguette and a bunch of flowers and you’d fit right in at any middle class farmers’ market in your local environs.

Market Backpack from here!

BTW, Googled ‘basket backpack’ and this is what came up:

Where do I get one?

Brio-inspired wooden shoes at All Saints

Really like these Rosalina shoes from All Saints, they kinda remind me of my beloved Brio trainset. Ah, Brio. If you have a child or know a child, you should definitely purchase them some of the good wood.

Unfortunately I’m on a self-imposed shopping ban. I know a lot of you successfully completed Frugal Feb – this is more like a frugal fortnight. I’m heading to New York in a couple of weeks so not allowed to buy anything between today (pay day) and departure. Exceptions are; things to wear in New York, things I’ve wanted since seeing at their respective press day and which are finally available in store, and things which are drastically reduced in a sale. And things that have 10% off at Whistles in honour of International Women’s Day [WHIWD10].

Sadly, these shoes don’t fit any of those categories.