Hitched: Wedding Clothes and Customs

You certainly get spoiled living in London and it’s easy to forget how many incredible exhibitions take place outside old smokey. For example, this summer Sudley House in Liverpool is hosting a costume show called Hitched: Wedding Clothes and Customs, which looks amazing.

Eager beavers will know I’m not really down with marriage, but this exhibition looks fascinating on so many other levels. It’s going to feature outfits from the last 150 years including a 1920s gown (might as well get that out of the way now) and traditional outfits from Liverpool’s Traveller and Chinese communities. Alongside all the outfits, there are photos, ephemera and all the other hoo-hah that weddings apparently entail.

I don’t get up to Liverpool very often any more, but this show is on until spring next year so I’m going to really try to get up there and see this, maybe when I’m at home next. Anyway, here are some sneaky peeks of the outfits you’ll have the chance to see;


I love the scalloped edge on this one. I don’t think you could get away with a scalloped neckline these days and not look like a joke but I think this is lovely.


This wartime suit is marvelous, so elegant and a beautiful colour, although I do hate fake buttons. I’d love to see the accompanying picture of whoever wore this.


You hear crochet wedding dress, you automatically think; awful. In fact, as this dress proves, it’s stunning. I imagine you’d get a bit sweaty but you could probably make it for less than ¬£20.


This is the kind of heavy duty cape that I’m interested in. All that fringing makes it look like one of those settee arm covers your grandma had.

Hitched: Wedding Clothes and Customs  is on display from 23 July 2010 until Spring 2011 at Sudley House, Liverpool. For more information visit www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk.