Pink and plastic = Shampoo. Always.


Shampoo band quiz

I’ve been calling these pink plastic sunglasses that I bought on Monday my creepy dude specs, because they look like something a weird guy would have worn in the 70s. The truth, however, is that they are my Shampoo glasses. Just like my plastic mac is my Shampoo mac, my leather mini skirt is my Shampoo skirt, and my hologram creepery-stompy boots are, in fact, my Shampoo boots.

Shampoo forever!

If you want big pink plastic sunglasses so you can pretend you’re in the best girl group of the 90s, they’re from Topshop and you can get them here.

Word of warning. Unlike other sunglasses, you can’t glare at everyone in the tube and roll your eyes at people in secret because everyone can see through ’em. Apparently.

Buy your own Bootsy Collins sunglasses

I am SO glad this model of sunglasses is called ‘the Bootsy’ because otherwise… well, that would just be embarrassing. The minute I saw them my initial reaction was obviously one of…

… so it’s good to see the big man getting the respect he deserves. I remember last summer Topshop bought out some star shaped specs and they didn’t have the same good grace to credit the man who basically invented the genre. Shame on them. Not only are these sunnies star shaped, they’re also resplendent in Swarovski crystals and studs. Ostentatious and dedicated to the grandmaster of funk? What more could you want from sunglasses? $275, a-morir by kerin.rose, amazing.

Funk your way through the afternoon on my behalf. It’s sunny, you owe it yourself.

Channel Gaga with flip-out sunglasses

Yow, check out these sunglasses from Rokit (above). They’re calling them ’60s Minnie Mouse Flip-Up Sunglasses’ but I think what you and I would probably call them is ‘Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sunglasses‘ (below). Right? I don’t dig designer copies but flip-up sunglasses have been around since the dawn of time so it’s not like he invented them, even if he did have the idea to shift the top layers around to the side a little bit so they looked like ears. I guess there’s also the added benefit with his that you can shut out the world with the flaps down; traditionally these things work as glasses that can niftily be converted in sunnies with just the flick of your wrist. There are some really nice vintage ones on eBay, if you prefer a tortoiseshell and gold finish to your frames. Speaking of which, I bet all the people bidding on these Gaga glasses are gonna kick themselves when they see that the specs they’re bidding on could be picked up for £18 at Rokit.

Alexander Wang-a-likes on eBay

I cannot believe I forgot to add my pal Natalie to my links on this new site. Here is a link to her blog, Canned Fashion! Natalie isn’t just getting a post to herself though, no sir. The point of this post, other than apologising for my bad manners, is to share these sunglasses that she recently posted about. They’re too good not to mention, so they get a bonus post here as well as on Natalie’s site. I think we (by which I mean, everyone on the internet) all want Alexander Wang’s sunglasses this season, but they’re definitely a little pricey (not to mention selling like the proverbial). These are the best lookalikes I’ve seen and what with them being vintage deadstock you don’t have to feel too much like a bastard for buying fakes. God bless eBay. God bless InTouchWithStyle and their Hot Bad Ass ways. Apparently Luxirare started the trend, so thanks for the eagle eyes!

Love the suggestion from Rackk and Ruin to add tin foil to the corners of these… might even try that, it’s not too dissimilar to my usual gold nail varnish painting of everything I ever buy on eBay (makes brassy gold look like goldy gold, true fact!).

Buy ’em here!