Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Ru Paul and Elvira in a car. The latest (and most topical) edition of the Ru Paul Drives… series. I also recommend the Henry Rollins one, obviously.

2. Go Book Yourself is a nice book recommendation Tumblr. A nice option if you’ve read everything on my Good Reads list already.

3. The Ohio State University marching band are insanely great. I nearly missed a meeting and cried because of their videos once this week.

4. Did you know that three quarters of the cast of The Craft reunited this week? Well, they did.

5. This goth style guide is not just great, it features a wonderful bit of animation. (Thanks, Silv!)


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


”If you’re doing business with a religious son of a bitch, get it in writing. His word isn’t worth shit, not with the good Lord telling him how to f*** you on the deal.”

1. Advice for young people from William S Burroughs, my fave. [via Teenage]

2. Why do top chefs listen to heavy metal when they’re cooking? Not a joke, but in fact a piece of research.

3. As Tumblr gains 50 billion posts (and a search function that works!!), here’s one of the best sites I’ve found recently; Expert Cosmo Tips. [Via @AmyOdell]

4. And also, Twitter Douchebags.

5. The Rookie ghost prom playlist is the best Halloween playlist I’ve heard yet.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. The Day My Kid Went Punk – this is amazing

2. The 50 Most Controversial T-Shirts of All Time

3. I know y’all don’t love it as much as me, but the Duck Dynasty Drinking Game looks like a good way to spend an evening.

4. The Logo Strikes Back – interesting piece by Susie Bubble on the revival of typographic fashion.

5. White Women, Black Hairstyles – nice shoot from the fantastic exploring corporate attitudes to natural hair.

6. And finally… Who Said It? Morrissey or Alan Partridge

Thank Furcoat it’s… Monday?

Black metal fans playing in the snow – thanks, Pete!

1. The sexiest thing I’ve ever seen? Bruce Springsteen (and Jimmy Fallon) as Neil Young, performing Sexy and I Know It

2. Every single ‘what ho!’ uttered by Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster in the Jeeves & Wooster telly series (crying out for a remix)

3. How a screen-printing nun changed the course of modern art

4. I know not everyone loves Ernest Hemingway (hell, I love his books and even I find myself struggling to like the guy) but I definitely wanna smell this Hem perfume

5. Cher on how it felt to hold Lady Gaga’s meat purse

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1. Hypnotic photos of swimming pools by Frank Bohbot. Just realised this might be why I’ve had so many dreams about swimming this week.

2. Ways to work out in public without anyone noticing.

3. Vintage pictures of space. So excited to link to a post by my one of my old school friends who is also a journalist these days, albeit in a very different field ^___^

4. The 1970s Cold War home built 26′ under Las Vegas. Awesome. Thanks Colin!

5. I never understand why people from work roll their eyes at factory visits; they are all my Blue Peter dreams come true and I find them completely fascinating. Susie Bubble went behind the scenes at Birkenstock recently and her post appeals to all of those same dreams. Read all about it here.


6. Guys, did you know there used to be a BAR on the Metropolitan line?

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1. Truly amazing Blade Runner action figures.

2. Nine questions left unanswered by Brat Pack movies.

3. The inventor of the foam hand is disappointed in Miley.

4. Inside writers’ rooms.

5. Taxidermy shoes? The vicious circle of hispter cool. 

6. GIANT AVOCADOS ARE COMING! I could eat avocado for every meal so this makes me especially happy.

7. And finally… An open letter to Kanye West from the Association of French Bakers.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Is this internal marketing video the most embarrassing thing Microsoft has ever done? [Via BuzzFeed]

2. Sylvia Farago seems like a cool lady. Anyone with a collection of Metallic shirts and hefty book collection is good by me.

3. Female video game characters reimagined in high-end fashion.

4. “It is fatal to wear a hat,” and more advice on how to look good in photos by none other than the Hon. Nancy Mitford.

5. “I want pure colours, melting clouds, accurately drawn details, a sunburst above a receding road with the light reflected in furrows and ruts, after rain. And no girls.”

What the cover of Lolita should have looked like, and how it has ended up looking.

Thank Furcoat it’s Saturday afternoon

Sorry, I had 15 hours sleep by accident. Jet-lag recovery; complete!

1. I’m excited about the CBGB movie, even if Taylor Hawkins is a crazy choice to play Iggy.

2. The American Kennel Club is more progressive than the International Olympic Committee.

3. I’m so excited to see ex-Teen Vogue beauty editor/all-round life hero Eva Chen’s first issue of Lucky! There have been some great interviews with her floating around this week – I like this NY Times profile and this Business of Fashion interview.

4. An interactive timeline of slang terms for the penis. Well that should keep everyone amused for the rest of the afternoon, shouldn’t it?

5. Mid-century modern houses on film. Phwoar. [Via Ben Kay]