Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1. Def Leppard invented sexting. Thanks, Laura!

2. This week I got chewing gum stuck to the bum of my new skirt. What kind of cretin leaves chewing gum on a train seat? Of course I’m familiar with the freezer technique, but I did some Googling and found a pro housewife tip. If you wanna get chewing gum out of material, here’s what to do: freeze for a couple of hours. Pick off as much as you can with a flat knife or your nails. Then (here’s the pro tip) rub a 1:1 solution of washing-up liquid and salt on the stain and rub in – I used fancy sea salt as it’s all we had and I definitely think the coarseness helped. Rinse off. Voila – no gum, no stain, no nothing.

3. If you’re heading SE after all my New Cross love this week, make sure you pop into Cross Fest. It’s a three-day festival which costs of all £5 and boasts a huge range of music. Find out more here.

4. Burgers and Bruce. A blog dedicated to Bruce Springsteen and burgers. And nothing else.

Susie bubble and style salvage steve £1 sale

5. Susie Bubble and Style Salvage Steve are having a £1 clearout sale. I can only imagine that everything will be amazing.


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra do death metal.

90s shopping mall fashion

2. Nineties shopping mall or Dalston this afternoon? Think I’ve posted these photos of American malls before, but they’re worth another look if not.

bass dog

3. I know EVERYONE has seen Bass Dogs this week. But still. C’mon!

4. Rehousing a slow loris. Note; it’s a dead slow loris in a jar from the 1800s, being rehoused in another jar at the Horniman museum. Fascinating, but not the cute thing you may expect.

5. What does Ian MacKaye think about those Urban Outfitters Minor Threat t-shirts? Why don’t we find out.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Scott and Zelda

You guys, I hate it when these things appear right next to each other. Not just because it’s boring for everyone, but because it serves as a reminder to me that I’ve had a gross week of work with no time to do anything fun in my free time.


Oh well, here goes.

1. has launched! No prizes for guessing what this site’s about, but it might surprise you just how lovely it is. A scrollable whole lotta history about everyone’s favourite ‘charming vagabonds’, as their Facebook page says. [Pic: NY Times]

2. The Ultimate Valley Girl competition is terrifying. AND REAL.


3. Soho in the 1950s always sounds fairly thrilling. Actually, Soho anytime pre-1990s sounds brill. You can relive a bit of mid-century London life TOMORROW and on Sunday 18 August with Back in the Day Walks, who will guide you around ‘jazz clubs, coffee bars and drinking dens’ for the princely sum of £10. Find out more here. [Pic: Nickel in the Machine]

4. It’s a Peckham takeover at the V&A tonight! I know it’s a bit short notice, but V&A’s Friday Lates are always fun – drinking beer in a museum after dark never stops being amazing – and with added SE musical, artistic and cultural additions you’re all set for a winner. And it’s free! See more about the programme here, or just leave your house now and see me shortly.

5. Did you see IRL Daria yet?

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Dancing boys perform a Spice Girls medley. There are dalmatians too.

2. DOGS. If you’ve missed this on the internet this week, you’ve missed out. DOGS. From the brains behind Shit Girls Say. DOGS. It’s about pure breeds, starting with the mighty Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. DOGS. Which just so happens to be the breed I was brought up with. DOGS.

3. A zoo in Japan has made a small hole in its otter enclosure so you can touch paws. I mean… Dream come true. [via It’s Nice That]

4. Clueless is 18 today! Wait, what? Anyway, here are all the best gifs from the film in one place.

5. Vintage passports of the rich and famous. Don’t you wish they still did passport stamps everywhere? [Thanks, Silvo!]

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Ever wondered how they blow-dry hair in space? Wonder no more.

2. Pointer Pointer is my favourite new website. Creepy.

3. School kids correcting the bad spelling in celebrity tweets. 

4. I mean, maybe I’m a complete idiot, but this is the first time in my life I’ve understood how to do a fishtail braid.

5. My only concession to Royal Baby updates: 18 Silliest Signs from Bored and Frustrated Royal Baby Watchers. Love how gentle all the humour is ^__^

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Jones and Payne style hair for Shu Uemura pop-up salon at BoxPark in Shoreditch

1. If you want your hair done for free this weekend, the lovely and talented team from Jones & Payne are staffing a pop-up salon for Shu Uemura at BoxPark in Shoreditch until Sunday. You can choose from three hairstyles (and one for guys) and in a matter of twenty minutes, you’ll walk out looking brilliant. I got the ponytail above on my visit – judge for yourself how awesome I look here!

It’s not often you get your hair done for free and certainly not with products as high-end as Shu Uemura’s – and with this weekend set to be super-sunny, I can’t imagine much better than getting a quick updo en route to whatever social engagements you have planned.

Of course you can also buy Shu Uemura products at the pop-up (I recommend Touch of Gloss and Volume Maker) AND you can get eyelashes put on. They’re basically encouraging you to sit in a beer garden and look amazing. Appointments are booking up fast (although you can just walk by and see if they’ll fit you in) – call 0207 613 6553 to secure a spot.

2. Here’s a genuinely interesting article about why Bill Cosby wore all those crazy jumpers. Clue: it’s not just because it was the 80s.

3. And while we’re on the Collectors Weekly blog, did I already post this link about why the latest film version of The Great Gatsby gets flappers wrong, again?

4. Why everyone secretly wants hair like Hanson. Who says it’s a secret?

5. I didn’t see much Glastonbury coverage because I was bent over a toilet vomming all weekend. Thanks, food poisoning, you make the festival experience so much more authentic. Still, I did take the time to catch up king Nick Cave acting like a prize madman during their set. Remarkable stuff. Also, nice to know he favours a redhead.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Rick Owens Winny Puhh


1. Did you see the Rick Owens SS14 show? Or perhaps, did you hear the Rick Owens SS14 show? Estonian Eurovision heavy metal rejects, Winny Puhh, were the surprise guests and jolly loud they were too. Thumbs up. Charlie Porter, obviously, reviews it best. [Picture: Business of Fashion]

2. This week I learned how to repair a split nail with a tea-bag. This is an essential life skill that you should all take five minutes to read up on.

3. Browns are clearing out their archives! And what archives they are. Up to 80%  off classic pieces from the likes of McQueen, Christopher Kane and Balenciaga. Prices start at £50, so stay in tonight, watch Duck Dynasty on the History channel (YES) and use the money to buy nice clothes instead. More details here.

Antipodium XOXO emoji blouse

4. And speaking of sales, Antipodium has 70% off on the website for the next three days only. That’s right, the emoji collection is included. EMOJI THUMBS UP.

5. Did you see the Mr T fashion show I posted on Twitter earlier this week? [Via my adored Teenage]

6. Which woman should go on a British bank note next?

7. If you liked the Black Flag edition of The Art of Punk, you’ll love the newly-released Dead Kennedys one. Misfits next, please!


8. Send all? Oh I really like this Tumblr of emails sent to the whole office. 

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. 25 videos of goths dancing outside during daylight.

2. A video of Bill Gates jumping over a chair. Remarkable. [Via Ben Kay]

3. Will someone buy me the Nineties Pop Divas colouring book?

4. 10 iconic Destiny’s Child matching outfits. I especially like the Tupac Cowboy.

5. London Dungeon is selling off its fixtures and fittings at a car boot sale this weekend. Why would you not be there?

6. If you’re watching the Superbowl, I’d urge you to make these mini pretzel dogs because they look amazing.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Kurt & the Gang

1) This Kurt Cobain exhibition at the KK Outlet looks good. Get me to the gift shop. [Picture: Time Out]

2) Interesting video of a suffragette parade from 1950s documentary series, Time to Remember.

3) Jay G or Jay Z?

4) Mysteries about straws. Fascinating, genuinely fascinating.

5) The BBC is re-running its art deco icons series! This week’s episode looking at tube stations is brill.

6) Hot on the heels of the Amazon methylated spirits review lols, comes the Amazon banana slicer lols. [Via Ben Kay, always]

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Three robots do Ace of Spades. Thank you to everyone who sent me this!

2. How many Zone 1 tube stations can you name in ten minutes? I became obsessed with this and had a bit of a paddy. Just to warn you.

3.  Life advice from the Spice Girls.

4. (Not as good as life advice from Iso.)

5. Big men with small dogs.

6. Edith from Downton with googly eyes (via Ben Kay).

7. Members of QOTSA, Slayer and Amen form a supergroup. You’re telling me it’s super.