Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


Well, that was a long break. I didn’t intend it to be quite so lengthy but I do feel much better for it so there we have it.

Normal service to resume shortly.

1. The hundred best lists of all time.

2. F. Scott Fitzgerald makes a lovely-looking lady.

3. I wasn’t sure how to take the news of Priscilla Presley dating Toby Anstis, but then I read this.

4. An (in)complete history of fashion name-drops in rap.

5. New London it-girls.

6. Dead good documentary about the building of the Barbican.

7. Steve Harris from Iron Maiden is selling his house. It is amazing. It has a pub inside.

[Dan Weiner, New Year’s Eve in Time’s Square: Art Blart]


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. How to open a bottle with your shoe.

2. International evil alternatives to Santa. I like Krampus and, of course, the Yule Lads. But we all knew about them before, didn’t we?

3. The actual red lipstick Kate Moss wears. Not quite what Rimmel would have you believe, hm?

4. I know I yammer on about The Big Bang Theory a lot but this just blew my mind. And if you like 90s children’s TV it might blow your mind too. Is this old? Probably, but I just saw it.

5. The only resource you could possibly need for Christmas gifs. 

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

The Shifters 1920s

1. The best free iPhone sticker apps of 2012.

2. History’s most famous portraits re-imagined as selfies.

3. If you thought flappers were cool, wait till you read about the Shifters. I want to know everything there is to know about them, so if anyone knows more… send me links.

4. One of my favourite Persephone books, The Making of a Marchioness, is on ITV THIS SUNDAY! Set your V+ for 8pm ‘cos it’s gonna be gooooood. I hope. Teeny snippet in the ITV Christmas trailer… [Don’t forget it’s called The Making of a Lady on telly, ‘cos youse are all too thick to know what a marchioness is. That’s what ITV said anyway.]

5. Drew Barrymore is bringing out a makeup line!!

6. 110 predictions for the next 110 years. Mind-boggling.

7. Actual pictures of actual estate agents.

8. I know it’s internet 1.0 but these reviews actually made me lol so, here they are.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Kris Atomic winter wallpaper

1) I am obsessed with Kris’s winter wallpapers. This one is currently gracing my screen and making me very happy. See them all and download ’em here[Picture: Kris, obv]

hipsters taking photos of food

2) Pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food. [Picture: PhHTPoF]

Joni Mitchell, Blue, billboard sunset Strip, circa 1971

3) Cool old billboards documented by Robert Landau. Bloody love you, Joni. [Picture: Creative Review]

4) Cooking with Joudan Dunn. Anyone tried her jerk yet?

5) Christmas with Chloe Sevigny. Or Drew Doege. #louisvuittonbindlestick

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

Persephone Books postcard

1) The Guardian did a lovely interview with Nicola Beauman, founder of Persephone Books. Harriet and I met her last night! We ate cocktail sausages and drank red wine and although the talk was brief, it was very nice. If you don’t know anything about Persephone Books, they would pretty much all make a smashing Christmas present. I love this guide which they put together to help you choose the perfect book for anyone. [Picture: Persephone Books]

Stevie Nicks stylist

2) Another interview – this time with Stevie Nicks’ stylist. And who wouldn’t want to read that? [Picture: FanPop]

Dr Buckles

3) It’s BBC 6Music’s fifth annual Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt to Work day. I’m not at work today, but I wore a Misfits shirt to the gym to do my bit. You can see a gallery of pictures here but obviously the highlight is this picture of  Dr Buckles. [Picture: 6Music]

4) The new Vogue documentary looks interesting, huh? Airs in the US on 6 December and I’m sure it’ll be on the internet shortly after. Side note; YouTube adverts are possibly the thing that makes me most angry about the internet.

5) Ten hours of bacon pancakes. Ten!

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) OMG footage of F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald WALKING and TALKING. Actually made me go a bit shivery and creeped out.

2) Frida Kahlo’s clothing to go on display at her house in Mexico. I hope the exhibition is still on when I’m there next year, #scream.

3) Smiths lyrics as Penguin classics.

4) A Windows 98 Solitaire card deck. (They’ve already sold out.) [Picture: Evan Roth]

5) As another art deco London landmark gets trashed, Time Out pays its respects to Earls Court with a look back at some of its most memorable moments over the last 75 years. [Picture: The Hammersmith & Fulham Files]

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Fashionista reminded us that it’s a timely week to revisit the Balenciaga Did it First Tumblr. Au revoir, Nicholas, we will miss you and your big old clever brain. 

2) The late, great Vidal Sassoon was an enormous architecture geek and his house, which is now up for sale, is testament to that. Not just any old Beverly Hills house for him – Vidal was proud owner of a beautiful 1950s Richard Neutra place on Mulholland Drive. I submitted it to my favourite daydreaming site, WowHaus, and was MEGA excited to see them post it with my name on today! FAME.

3) The New Yorker had a really good article (well, duh) about Spotify and the problems that come with endless music choice. All Spotifiers duty-bound to read this please.

4) I’m not a film person at all really (my attention span is frighteningly short) but the 32 Greatest Unscripted Movie Scenes still made for a good read. AND I’ve seen pretty much all of them! [Picutre: Sound on Sight]

5) London’s top ten jukeboxes. Pleased to see CroBar at number one. [Picture: Murfie]

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

A little late, but I’m finally back in the country – let’s hope things go back to normal for real next week.

1) An interesting piece on the Dolly Sisters from The Daily Mail (sorry). Perfectly timed to build some hype for ITV”s upcoming Mr Selfridge drama – the sisters were a long-term obsession for the department store founder – I just hope this  leads to a new biography… I wrote a bit about the sisters here and you can find the existing biography here. [Picture: Unique Creatures]

2) One of my favourite writers, Jon Savage, is interviewed for the Guardian about the Californian punk scene. You’d better believe how much I enjoyed reading this and listening to the compilation album while I was stranded in SD. You can previous mentions of Jon Savage on this blog here! [Picture: Continuum Transfunctioner]

3) The Business of Fashion has a nice interview with Whistles CEO, Jane Shepherdson, here. [Picture: Because London]

4) 10 London Pubs with a Story to Tell – it’s things like this that make me love the Time Out blog so much And London, I guess. The one about the Grand Union, huh? And the Widow’s Son – what a tradition…? [Picture: Spitalfields Life – there are SO many good old pub pics on here that you should check out]

5) I found Charlie Porter’s review of the Hollywood Costume exhibit at the V&A pretty interesting. I’ll still be going to see it – and I’m sure I’ll still thoroughly enjoy it – but it does raise some questions and it’s good to see a review looking at the nitty gritty of the exhibition rather than just swooning at the sight of everything. I really, really love everything Charlie writes. It’s embarrassing. PS The Hollywood Costume app looks SO much fun. [Picture: All Movie Photos]

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) A couple of videos of early Ween performances! Oh how I love and miss Ween, the beloved band of my youth and masters of eclecticism; from Spinal Meningitis to What Deaner Was Talking About in just 13 moves?

Ween broke up in 2012 after 25 years of togetherness. Aaron Freeman quit the band to keep himself sober. “I can only speak for myself, but as far as I’m concerned, as long as Aaron and I are both alive on this planet, Ween is still together. We’ve never broken up. The idea of quitting is just laughable. This isn’t something you can quit. This is a life sentence.”

Little tear.

2) Joanna Lumley is auctioning off some of Patsy’s Ab Fab outifts for The Prince’s Trust. How cool is that? Find out more here! And thanks Amber for the tip-off! [Picture: FanPop]

3) A bit more about the world’s first pizza museum which opened in Philadelphia earlier this year. What a glorious place to spend a day. [Picture: Dazed Digital]

4) Mind-blowing pictures of the internet from Google.

5) 11 tricks for battling creative blocks by leading creatives. I especially like the idea of paying a fortune to sit in a hotel room then freaking out about the cash you’re wasting.

6) And awkward music to have sex to. Nothing can beat my old colleague’s Ugly Bug Ball incident.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) This Sunday sees the fabulous 6Music dedicate a day to Sheffield music. Woopee! If you’re up early, Toddla T will be on Nemone. After that there’s Richard Hawley on the Cerys Matthews show, The First Time with Martin Fry, Jarvis’s Sunday Service, Martyn from Heaven 17 presenting Now Playing and then the Human League on Freakzone. You can see the whole schedule (and listen online) here! [Kid Acne picture: BBC]

2) 40+ rap lyrics that have been affected by the Yves Saint Laurent name change. [Rick Ross picture: Don Bleek]

3) A tragic advert for Internet Explorer 9. Not actually as funny as I was hoping but the middle bit definitely made me lol.

4) I guess I can assume that we’re all Mitford fans here? I’m currently reading Jessica Mitford’s The Making of a Muckraker and it’s effing brill. A must-read for any writer, journalist or indeed muckraker. You can buy it here and listen to a really good interview with Decca herself here. [Picture: BBC]

5) All of the signs from Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues reimagined in fancypants hand lettering, by Leandro Senna.

Happy weekend!