Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Dogs in Pubs is my new favourite website and it should be yours too. You can also follow @dogsinpubs in Twitter and submit your own photos of hounds that you’ve found. As the site says, “The perfect pub doesn’t offer fancy meals, doesn’t have settees, big screens, assorted bric-a-brac bolted to the walls, row upon row of mass produced nitrokeg fonts. It simply needs great ale and a friendly dog.”

2) On the subject of dogs, Warby Barker’s dog glasses site is a thing of beauty.

3) According to the newly released Kate Moss: Making of an Icon, Kate has now done 300 Vogue covers. 300! Fashionista has rounded up some of her best – it’s brilliant looking at how her style has changed since her first cover in 1993. Still can’t decide on my favourite, but as it’s Jubilee year let’s go with her looking regal in December 2001.

4) I rounded up all of the exhibitions that I want to see earlier this year, but Stylist has compiled a fantastic list of exhibitions worth going on holiday for in this week’s issue. Nothing better than an art-based holiday… why did I sell three days back to the company again?

5) I’ve just finished Mary S. Lovell’s biography of Beryl Markham, Straight on Till Morning. I don’t usually talk about books on here [you can see my reading history on GoodReads] but I totally recommend this one – I really enjoy Lovell’s biographies anyway, but this one is a cracker. Beryl is a fascinating woman who seems to have had her finger in just about every pie going – it’s not a hagiograpy either, because she really isn’t perfect. She flies, she rides, she hunts, she dates, she wears amazing outfits, she philanders… Just a dead good, nice and quick read. Buy buy buy!


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Now that the future of our famous local – The Montague Arms – is in doubt, I’ve been reading a lot of old features about the place to get a better of its (illustrious) history. Thanks to Robbo for digging out this awesome NME interview from 1989 in which Nick Cave (*Cave klaxon*), Shane McGowan and Mark E. Smith are interviewed in the old place. Sadface.

2) Susie Bubble has an awesome preview of the new ASOS Revive collection, as well as a first look at the campaign video directed by Zaiba Jabbar. Her behind-the-scenes photos are awesome! Mmm 90s.

3) There’s nothing I enjoy more than a practical beauty article and this week I found not one, but two such things. How to fix broken makeup (YES) and how to get nail polish out of just about everything (YESx2). Handy stuff, worthy of a bookmark.

4) Markus Lupfer has made a kind of bananas Japanese pop-inspired video to promote his Autumn/Winter 2012 collection. The gals in the video are apparently a girl group called Huge Tiny Zoo, who I know nothing about because I am 108 years old. Find out more about the video and doy, watch it, here!

5) Photographer Derek Ridgers has an exhibition on at Society Club Soho at the moment, featuring classic portraits of musicians including Nick Cave (*Cave klaxon*), Iggy Pop and The Cramps. The Un/Seen collection of images is on display until the end of the May and prints are also up for sale starting at a bargain £95.

Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Children’s pocket details from the eighties! It appealed to me, anyway…

2. The Guardian knows its target market well. This week they have been running the Top Cat competition with such cat-egories as most acrobatic cat, best look-a-like, best unusual talent (above) and many, many more. See all the slideshows and vote for a winner here.

3. There are few things better than meat and booze. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that they’re my two favourite things. My other favourite thing is art deco, as you know, so IMAGINE my joy at the three combining in one handy package. This week darling Harriet took me to the beautiful art deco restaurant, Balcon, to try their new Bubbles & Squeak offer – a charcuterie platter of French or British meats with fresh bread and a glass of champagne for £20. Amazing! They serve it all day, from breakfast (best breakfast evs) until post-theatre.

4. BBC4 did a great documentary about art nouveau this week, which is still on the iPlayer. Sex and Sensibility: The Allure of Art Nouveau Paris was full of incredible design and lots of houses which I’d quite like to own. [Pic via Panoramio]


5. What better way to work our brains through the budget than with a new digitally remastered rendition of 1933’s hit musical. The Gold Diggers’ Song?


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) I’m sorry to hear that four people got hurt, but also a bit awestruck by the power of Kate. Is Giant Kate Moss Squashes Shoppers on Oxford Street the best headline of the year so far? I’d happily be squashed by Kate, frankly.

2) Love these pictures of the Miss Iran, 1978 candidates.

3) I choo-choo choose Louis Vuitton. What a show!

4) The bookshop at The Wapping Project is currently in-house at COS on Regent Street. They have a fantastic selection and are really lovely people, so you should definitely check it out before they head back south on 14 March. Thanks Disney Roller Girl for the heads up, although you should definitely go see the real thing too – I bloody love The Wapping Project. Amazing building, amazing restaurant, amazing cocktails and you’re a short stroll from the bloody Captain Kidd.

5) I bought this book for Andy from MOMA, but it’s sort of a present for me too. I know it might look like a bit of a lol novelty book but it really isn’t – the recipes are really good and broken down into chapters inspired by PG Wodehouse’s six different hangover variety. Booze and Wodehouse, doesn’t get much better than that, eh?


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) As I’m heading to New York… What New Yorkers think about Londoners, via the NY Times. I wouldn’t say it was entirely accurate, but it was a fun read.

2) Vanity Fair is getting excited in advance about the potential 1920s fashions in season three of Downton Abbey. I don’t blame them.

3) In 1928, The Savoy created a cocktail to celebrate the leap year. Created by the hotel’s legendary bartender, Harry Craddock, the Savoy Cocktail Book says the drink was: “responsible for more proposals than any other cocktail that has ever been mixed.” Ooer. Mishkin’s revived the drink this week and if you want one of your own and can’t read the scan above, here’s what you need;

a dash of lemon juice
2/3 gin
1/6 Grand Marnier
1/6 vermouth

Shake together with ice and serve in a champagne saucer, topped off with lemon peel.

4) Christine has relocated to France! My twin has always been up for an adventure and this is just the start of a year of exciting travels for her. Follow her adventures on her blog – where there may also be a word or two from me.

5) OH MY GOD! Kris’s Meadham Kirchhoff’s photos and illustrations are spectacular. Prove positive, as if any more were needed, that Kris is the best draw-er on the internet. See the whole glorious post here.


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) I am verging on obsessed with Vogue Italia‘s Steven Meisel gifs. Abbey Lee is here looking like a bonafide badass and you can see three more here – roll on the March issue when we can see the shoot they come from.

2) Rookie has done a really good round-up of the most stylish characters from John Waters films. It’s amazing.

3) Teen Vogue has rounded up the best show soundtracks from New York Fashion Week and made a Spotify playlist of them. Awesome!

4) Pictures of Chloe Sevigny at basketball matches.

5) Matt Ufford set himself the challenge of patting each of the 185 different breeds at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. And why not?

6) Tonight the V&A’s Friday  Lates programme is themed Bright Young Things! Held in honour of the Cecil Beaton exhibition, the event promises a theatrical production of Vile Bodies, balloon-infused portrait-taking, jazz music and a very bright young people-esque scavenger hunt. Scream! I’ll be there. Will you?


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. The Topshop Unique Spring/Summer 2012 Cleopatra-themed collection has landed. SCREAM! First two pieces I’m after are here and here but I’m really waiting for all those long pink skirts with gold all-seeing-eye prints to appear.

2. If you’re heading to the US any time soon, the newly-launched Refinery 29 shopping guide is worth a look. A few old favourites and lots of new places to discover on this visual treat of a list.

3. This deco dress by Gucci is probably one of the most photographed pieces of the season, but I’ve not seen any editorials yet that have entirely done it justice. So thanks, Vogue Italia, for going the predictable route and making this amazing fringed beast look as fantastic as it should. A cross between Tina Turner and Josephine Baker in terms of movement, innit?

4. Everyone’s bananas about Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty flats but her Pre-Fall 2012 collection offers something a little more GOFF in the form of these spiderweb flats. I am obsessed with the little bejewelled spider, although I have my doubts about how long it would remain intact.

5. New York Fashion Week has started, then. I think the ASOS Fashion Week in 60 Seconds page is utterly, utterly fantastic. I used it in a meeting this week, that’s how good I think it is.

6. Zara’s shoe game is really on point this season. These are just three styles that are currently haunting my brain. Cheap shoes are never a good idea, but the heart wants what it wants, eh? You can buy these ones here, here and here.


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) It’s been a bumper week of magazine-purchasing for me, with ELLE Collections and the new ELLE Decor top of my WH Smith wishlist. I had no idea Marie Claire were bringing out their own seasonal trend round-up, but picked up Runway anyway because it looked pretty neat and had a dog on the cover. It’s dead good, loads of nice features and some really clever, imaginative spreads. My favourite, obviously, is the Gatsby page above – I love a collage at the best of times and when that collage features flapper-ish gear, more’s the better. Buy it, I really recommend it.

2) Daphne Guinness has put her 5th Ave apartment up for sale. There’s nothing I like more than nosing around at celebrity real estate and although there aren’t many pictures of Daphne’s place, it’s enough to whet my appetite. It’s only £14million! Check it out here.

3) This morning Ellen tweeted these meme movie posters. I don’t know if this is old news, but I hadn’t seen them. These are a couple of my favourites, but you can see the whole the series here.  I want oh my god, trampoline! next.

4) Last night Harriet and I stepped well and truly out of our comfort zones with a night of cocktails at the opening of the new venture from Gaucho, Galante. It’s not often I find myself in Sloane Square out of choice, but we had a top night out and the cocktails were legit the best I’ve ever had. So delicious and the tasting platter was pretty decent too. It’s inspired by one of the world’s most famous bartenders, Santiago ‘Pichin’ Policastro, who shook up [lol] 1930s Argentina with his magical drinks and charming persona.  The bar is a beautiful homage to art deco, all the waiters are handsome and dressed in white tuxedos and while it’s definitely on the pricey side, it’s worth it for a treat. I rate the Bon Voyage.

5) London Underground expert, Annie Mole (!!), has chosen her favourite tube station clocks! Fascinating stuff.

6) Banana Republic is launching another Mad Men range! This time around, costume designer, Janie Bryant, has been inspired by the show’s country club scenes – SWOON! That means lots of capris and cardigans for the Bettys and sweater vests and polo shirts for the Dons. It launches on March 1st – 24 days before season five airs.


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1) Evidently the only things I watch on TV are Man Vs Food, Countryfile and BBC historical documentaries. The Timewatch series is fantastic and tomorrow there’s a promising-looking show about debutantes and the whole ~coming out~ season. The documentary focuses on 1939 – the year that was dubbed the last season because that whole thing kind of fell off during the war years, never to be reprised. I read Anne de Courcy’s fantastic book on the very same subject last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, so this’ll be a right old treat for me. And it promises a Mitford or two. Find out more here. [This Timewatch show about the Empire State Building is also worth a look, if you’re into art deco.)

2) I’m hoping to see W.E. this weekend – I know it’s going to be shit, but you know my thoughts on Wallis. What better way to get myself psyched up for the fashion binge than Stylist’s slideshow of her best outfits? I find it weird they didn’t identify some of the most famous pieces (the Schiaparelli, mainly) but it’s still a treat. The above picture is interesting – Wallis is obviously the point, but damn that woman in the background looks incredible, I want to know who she is.

3) This is a nice introduction to Dolly Wilde, who I’m ashamed to admit I don’t know a vast amount about. The rest of the site is worth a poke around too!

4) I’m particularly excited about mermaids as a Spring/Summer 2012 trend and this massively indepth Fashionising post makes it all the more appealing. Art deco mermaid lemonade advert c/o Vintage Browser.

5) Mad Men‘s acclaimed costume designer, Janie Bryant, shares her vintage shopping secrets here. Awesome read and some great shop suggestions too!

6) Last weekend we had an unexpected visit to Two Temple Place, the magnificent home of William Waldorf Astor on the Victoria Embankment. It’s my actual dream house and it’s open at the moment for a nice William Morris exhibition, which finishes on Sunday. There’s no better place to enjoy some intricate Morris works than in the arts-and-crafts surroundings of the house, so if you’re around this weekend, make sure you visit.


Thank Furcoat it’s Friday

1. Right so, I was watching a documentary about the history of music halls on BBC4 and naturally they started talking about Wilton’s in East London. A quick look at the calendar informed me that this April they’re putting on a production of The Great Gatsby. It sounds fucking brill – you can get tickets and find out more here and I’d advise booking ASAP because that venue, that production, and those prices…

2. I really enjoyed this interview with Lloyd Johnson on the Guardian and eagerly anticipate the return of La Rocka! this summer. There’s a little exhibition on of some of his work at the Chelsea Space – if you’re into menswear, rock and roll and London subcultures, I guess you should go.

3. This vintage Chanel waistcoat is incredible. It’s also very expensive.

4. The BBC has been really good this week. As well as the music hall documentary, I really strongly suggest you watch The Rules of Drinking which documents the country’s interest in booze – from ye olde days when beer was more hygienic than water and most toddlers had a couple of pints a day, to the GLORIOUS 1920s and war years, ending up with binge-drink Britain… which, uh, actually they argue isn’t all that bad. Definitely a good watch. You can see it here!

5. ASOS has got the world’s most perfect sunglasses in. I’d buy ’em, ASAP – and while you’re at it, best read Jess Cartner-Morley’s article on hot rod pastels to get you in the mood for wearing them.