What I wore to the wedding that never was

So as some of you know, I was due to go to a wedding last weekend. Unfortunately, the eight hours of snow that fell in Sheffield on Saturday put pay to that idea. We were really holding out hope that we’d still be able to make it to the venue (a barn in the middle of the countryside, uh oh) but by the time we saw kids sledging down the main road with not a care in the world, it kind of became apparent that no vehicles were going to be able to get us there. I’m all for snow as a general rule, but it kind of sucked.

Anyway, as I’d spend weeks mithering about what I planned to wear I figured I’d share it anyway. Here’s what I wore to be stranded in a pub and go for a curry – Topshop grey and black furry stole, coral and gold tassled belt from Primark, dream gold shell clutch from Accessorize and favourite old earrings from The Earring Boutique.

wedding outfit

As for the dress, I ended up buying something from Primark… of all places. I actually went in every single women’s clothing shop in Westfield and couldn’t find a bastard thing I liked, but this Mulberry rip-off caught my eye and that bright apple green is always a flattering option for me. Also, I obviously wanted to be like Kate Middleton. Soz if you have an epileptic fit, it was the only way to disguise the fact that I looked like I wanted to murder someone.

Anyway, the good news is that I have another wedding coming up in March so maybe I’ll give the green dress a re-run. Or, more likely, I’ll buy something new that I actually like.

Christmas comes early at Marks & Spencer

If you liked the M&S gown I posted in my last Christmas round-up you may be interested to note it’s currently 25% off. Which meant I just had to buy it at lunchtime instead of waiting for Father Christmas. I’m not entirely sure how long the offer is on but… it is now, so you should prob just buy it.

In this particularly casual outfit post, I pair my silky gown with equally silky M&S jim-jams and a ‘home measure’ of wine. I’m so silken I can’t sit on the sofa without slipping on the laminate floor, then slithering down the stairs.


COS and the Arrow Collar Man

Statement collar separates are fast becoming a thing this season and provide the perfect way to temporarily tart up old tops and dresses. They’re absolutely everywhere at the moment – check out Alex’s round-up here – but the one I’ve been wearing most is this COS scallop edge ‘mock shirt’.

As well as the always-pleasing scallops, I was weirdly excited by the elastic straps on either side of the bib, which keep your collar in place and bring to mind – at least for me – the detachable collars worn by gents in the late 19th and early 20th century, secured in place by a couple of studs.

Seeing as how most books I read these days are set in the 20s and 30s, I’m no stranger to a detachable collar and they always seem to be causing little old Bertie Wooster and his pals problems, viz;

He toyed for a moment with the ginger-beer wire which held his pince-nez in place, and endeavoured without success to button his collar at the back. In moments of emotion Ukridge’s collar always took on a sort of temperamental jumpiness which no stud could restrain.


The top pic is a famous advert featuring the Arrow Collar Man – the face of detachable collars in the 1920s, TBH. The illustration is by J C Leyendecker and you can read more about him and his work with Arrow here. Bonus fact: story features tales of “a live-in companion”.

Rare practical buy: Barbour Liddesdale

New Barbour Liddesdale jacket from the My-Wardrobe sale. I was having a bad day/It was £30/I wanted a new coat… ?

Really satisfied with the purple/pink colour combo, which is even extended to the secret pocket.

Feels a bit like I should be riding a pony decked out in Katie Price’s pink horse-gear, but there you go, that’s my taste.

Worn with old faithful H&M dress, old faithful M&S belt and Mawi necklace from Cocosa.

Lurex love at Zara

Yesterday was our friend’s 30th birthday party so I wore something suitably sparkly; this Zara lurex top and the Dorothy Perkins mustard midi that I wore earlier this week – and which everyone else seems to have been wearing this week too! It is the perfect cheery summer skirt though and although the weather was awful yesterday, it provides its own quota of sunshine.

I also added a little accessory later on in the evening, which I think you’ll agree complements both the lipstick and overall feel of the outfit:

Scalloped edges and lace

This week away from home has resulted in the lounge being a tip, as you will perhaps be able to spot in the background of these pictures. What a shit-hole. I would say roll on the weekend, but I’m out all weekend too so… roll on next Tuesday when I have a night in to look forward to.

This dress is that one from George at Asda that has been everywhere – and rightly so, it’s a lovely fit, a beautiful shade of coral, a nice length and is nicely lined too. Also wearing that scalloped-edge cream blazer from H&M. Today was full of meetings in sunny Southampton so here’s my profesh look.

Creepy hand necklace and neon skirt

This is the face of someone who has been out every night of the week, but still won’t let up on a promise. Emily, you and your pizza oven owe me.

Tonight was the Graduate Fashion Week Gala show, which is always a momentous occasion especially when you see your alma mata student pals getting honoured. As with yesterday’s LCF show, more on that to come (when, I have no idea).

Today I felt like wearing pyjamas to work but instead opted for this Topshop t-shirt which I live in and which needs a bleach by the looks of things; that palmistry/evil eye pendant; and the best skirt ever… this ASOS neon lace circle skirt, which pays rather a nice homage to Christopher Kane’s summer collection. It’s so neon IRL I can’t tell you – I outdid hi-vis jackets and I glowed in the dark a bit.

Ideally, it would have been complemented with this, one of Kane’s clutch bags that are being sold exclusively at Net-A-Porter for a fraction of the price of the collection.

Mustard and stripes = winning combo

Today I went to see the London College of Fashion BA show – ah the memories, feels like only yesterday it was me sewing zips manically and finishing 50m of hems with invisible stitching, but what do you know? That was five long years ago. LCF was where I did my Masters so it’s always nice to see what the students are up to, and this show was a real cracker. More on that to come, but as promised…

Please be aware I have had five x glass champagne, 1 x pint and my contribution of two pizzas and a breaded halloumi portion. Boom!

This Zara top, this Dorothy Perkins skirt, the usual rings and I also wore Swedish Hasbeens x HM in white.

I have no real business buying more Breton stripes, but the crystal star on this Zara top is really tasteful and sold it to me. The crystals are really big and chunky, not some naff office Christmas party glitter detail. It’s a lovely shape too though, although I’ve probably ruined that for good by always wearing it knotted at the front.

Horseshoes and fur and leopard print

An outfit post. What you don’t know is that the lower half of my body is beneath the Snuggie, and I haven’t washed my hair for three weeks. I was at work event over the weekend and mentioned this to a hairdressing associate. He said he couldn’t tell, and then sniffed it (thanks Ross!) and said it smelt fine, so I’m just going to run with it. Everyone knows red hair should be washed as little as often to reduce fade, so not only am I saving precious time in bed, I’m also prolonging the marvellous colour. Win win.

I’m still wearing my furry Next gilet, the blouse is that horseshoe one from Primark, and the leopard pleated skirt is River Island. Some might say these prints don’t work and they’d probably have a point, but I like them together.

PS To whichever fabulous blog reader said hello to me on the train – thank you, you made my day. Your coat was incredible, and I’m sorry if me and my friends did your head in with our incessant hairdressing talk.