Pink and plastic = Shampoo. Always.


Shampoo band quiz

I’ve been calling these pink plastic sunglasses that I bought on Monday my creepy dude specs, because they look like something a weird guy would have worn in the 70s. The truth, however, is that they are my Shampoo glasses. Just like my plastic mac is my Shampoo mac, my leather mini skirt is my Shampoo skirt, and my hologram creepery-stompy boots are, in fact, my Shampoo boots.

Shampoo forever!

If you want big pink plastic sunglasses so you can pretend you’re in the best girl group of the 90s, they’re from Topshop and you can get them here.

Word of warning. Unlike other sunglasses, you can’t glare at everyone in the tube and roll your eyes at people in secret because everyone can see through ’em. Apparently.

Reclaiming the sexy cat

The sexy cat gets a bad wrap as far as Halloween costumes go, but I don’t think it’s as bad as all that. Anyway, as I hurtle towards 30, I’m enjoying a renewed interest in the concept of sexy; not sure if it’s a mid-life crisis which will swiftly be followed by the purchase of an orange Lamborghini or if it’s the much-feted mystical confidence that you apparently develop when you finally start to feel ~at home in your body.

I have no Halloween plans this year (what kind of goth am I?), but if I was going out I might just dress as a sexy cat and sod the lot of you. Here’s my counsel for the defence of sexycat’s most common complaints;

1. It’s just an excuse to look slutty.

And? Elvira barely wore any clothes and she’s a boner-fide solid Halloween hero.

2. It’s not scary.

Neither is Carl the Ikea Monkey. Or baby North West. Or a sushi baby.

3. It’s unoriginal.

So is a Dia de los Muertos Catrina, Wayne and Garth, a Jeff Bridges Dude, Terry Richardson, a Lichtenstein lady and Heisenberg. Making a domestic pet look slutty is waaaay weirder than any of those things. Perverse, frankly.


[Topshop dress / Maison Michel ears / Topshop heels / Olympia Le Tan book]

Obsessed with Topshop basketweave sandals

When do you know that you’ve lost your shopping mojo? When you start admiring clunky geography teacher espadrilles? I mean, I’ve always been firmly in the ugly shoe camp when it comes to footwear, but are these Topshop treats acceptable? Is the countdown to H&M x Swedish Hasbeen messing with my ugly shoe mojo? All I know is that I want to wear these shoes every day this summer – I’ll take both the heeled and flat options, please.

A bit of grin and bear it

New Look Blouse // Topshop Boutique Skirt // old Primark belt

The spotty blouse which I spied at the New Look press day is in store now, which can surely mean that summer is just a week or so away. Right? In the summer I want to wear it with a bright blue or baise green skirt, but I haven’t managed to track one of those down just yet.

For now, I thought I’d make myself look like more of an idiot than usual by wearing it with a similarly dotty print. The skirt in question is this one from Topshop Boutique, which appears to have vanished entirely off the website. As ELLE astutely point out, it is a particularly modern shape – below the knee, and knife pleated to perfection. I have already decided it’s my favourite skirt – congratulations!

Ashish x Topshop (the food edition)

The last Ashish for Topshop collection was an utter success, so it’s no surprise to see that the next one is being wheeled out ASAP. Due to launch on 10 January – that’s four days after pay day for me, bank managing fans – the junk food artwork is an utter joy to behold.

These pics come from my dear pal Laura on FabSugar, who also shares this (chicken) nugget of a quote from the man himself about the inspiration behind the collection;

The inspiration was very easy – I love junk food. I was thinking of what I would like to wear to the gym, and I thought junk food on t-shirts and sweatshirts would be perfect! Perhaps not very motivational, but definitely very amusing.

I like your style, young man. My favourite is the Sarah Lucas-esque fried egg face, closely followed by my third food group, the hot dog.

Available in Topshop in a mere matter of days!

I love Topshop SNO

I read on FabSugar today that Topshop is relaunching its SNO collection. I used to love that range when I were a lass, although I’ve never been a great one for skiing. I went on numerous Brownie/youth club/school trips to dri ski slopes, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually done the real thing. Like, on snow. Still, with my impending trip to Norway, I have a total boner-fide excuse to buy wintery gear.

SNO is back at Topshop on 7 November.