Dreamy Topshop sequin daisy crop top

I’ve been humming and hawing (apparently the correct spelling, I don’t believe it) about buying this Topshop Sequin Daisy Tee for ages, but it seemed kind of an impractical buy. I also had nothing to wear it with. But I really liked it. It reminded me of Shampoo and Just Seventeen and the Smash Hits A-Z of Indie.

This weekend I bought a boring jersey skirt, which I thought would be good for wearing with everything in summer. Once I got it on, it suddenly dawned on me that it was just the right length, colour, and boring level to wear with the sequin daisy top – so I gave in and bought it. The only thing I need now is an appropriate bra to wear underneath. As you can see (sorry), I don’t have anything suitable.

Happy ending.

Topshop and tassles

Now I work out in the sticks, my trips up to Oxford Circus are planned with military precision. I scour the Topshop website for days in advance, making a mental note of intended purchases. I guess at roughly where in the shop the items in question will be located – srsly I shop there a lot, I know – and shop like a pro; eyes down, hangers on belt.

One thing I hadn’t planned to buy yesterday were these shoes, but needs must, and unfortunately yesterday those needs came in the form of a broken heel. Sigh. These flats are really 80s, so obviously I like them. Black suede, tassels, gold… Well, they’re better than boring black ~ballet~ pumps, that’s my defence.

More on what I actually went in for to come…

Topshop treats

I have to hang around in the office for 1 1/2 hours because my FRIEND can’t meet me until 7pm. I’m trying to avoid doing work for that extra 90 minutes so here’s a picture of my new gems instead. I was on birthday present duty yesterday and instead of buying presents… I bought myself things. Fly earrings from Topshop, big black ring from Primark (£1!!) and spiky gold bracelet that looks a lot more expensive than it was, also from Topshop by the mysteriously named Gogo Philip.

Obsessed with the Topshop pineapple dress

With the Vegas trip looming ever closer, thoughts have turned solely to wardrobing the occasion. So far the only outfit set in stone revolves around this pair of vintage Betty Barclay trousers [I know!] that I accidentally bought because I thought they were a maxi skirt. They’re really high waisted and so wide you would think they were a skirt (it’s where I went wrong) and feature a rather fetching anchor motif. Them, my New Look boater and a nice denim bralet, all good.

Anyway, today I got an email about this Topshop dress and it has been added to the list. Something about a vintage fruity print and one armed bandits just seems to work nicely together. There’s nothing I like more than dressing to a theme. There’s also a really nice t-shirt with the same motif, except the pineapple is embroidered. I was considering buying that last week, but I think the dress is better. So, next step, work out an outfit around this. Two days down.

[I don’t like making love at midnight, I’m usually asleep by then]