Upstairs, Downstairs: The style behind the series

The BBC’s 2010 adaptation of the popular 70s sitcom Upstairs, Downstairs didn’t achieve the same rave reviews afforded to the likes of Downton Abbey; but for a fashion geek like me who gets a boner for anything remotely inter-war, it was a visual treat.

I actually enjoyed the remake a lot – and although the storyline was slightly all over the place, I feel this might perhaps be because they’re planning to make a few more in 2011?? Anyway, monkeys and suicides apart, the styling for the show is obviously what I’m here to talk about. Although the 30s doesn’t get me going in quite the same fashion as the 1920s, it’s still pretty awesome.

Here are all my favourite fashion looks from the show – be forewarned; it’s long.

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