Lady Gaga in 80s Versace

Love her or loathe her, I think most people working in the fashion and beauty industry are at least a teeny bit grateful to Lady Gaga.

Sure, she might be at saturation point, but before Gaga A-list celebrities had very much reached a plateau of beautiful beige blow-dries, bandage dresses and artful nude lip/smoky eye makeup combos.

On a professional level it is a bit tiring having to reference her in seemingly every article I write, but having someone colourful around has raised the game for everyone – and writing about blue wigs, telephone shaped hairpieces and clown makeup is definitely interesting.

The latest  news from Gaga, as you all know, is that she will be wearing exclusively Versace for the next two months after Donatella opened up the label’s archives especially for her.

This outfit is slightly OTT I suppose, but is also timely following today’s news that Versace are set to release a line for H&M.

A lot of people seem entirely uninterested, but Gaga’s outfit here is like s capsule reminder of everything I love about Versace as a label and hope to see in the collaboration; print, gold and colour. To the power of ten.

Vintage Versace studded boots inspire Chloe Susan boots?

Remember those Chloe Susan boots that everyone went loopy for a couple of years ago? Yeah? Well feast your eyes on these bad boys.

These Versace Couture boots from the 80s are currently available on eBay, and while I’m not suggesting anyone copied anyone else… there is a hint of similarity between the two. Ahem.

The pristine boots feature all the usual Versace bells and whistles – Medusas, gold bits, buckles. All that snazz. The seller says they were featured in the catwalk show and couture catalogues, but were not actually ever available for sale.

Of course there is the possibility that these are some kind of insane fake, that someone knocked up after the Chloe boots were everywhere… but they got confused and put a Versace label on…? Nah, doesn’t quite ring true, does it?

Only two problems with these; they’re a men’s size 12, and they’re $2,499.

Thanks to Twitter pal Jessica for spotting these… and all the other insane vintage Versace she has been torturing me with.

Vintage Versace tigerstripe heels

I’m normally incapable of getting out of bed in the morning, but when I have a breakfast meeting I seem to leap out of bed as soon as the alarm goes, then spend two hours sitting around at home. It’s like time I wasn’t supposed to have! I have WON time back from the day. It’s essentially time travel??

I still have a glorious ten minutes until I need to think about leaving the house, ten minutes to spend considering buying these:

Vintage Versace (well, Versus) tiger stripe heels, $140, F Kellerman on Etsy