Style icons: The Great Gatsby 1974

I have a glorious four day weekend to look forward to, so I’m kicking things off in style with a viewing of the 1974 movie remake of the Great Gatsby. This film is generally regarded as utter shit and I’m afraid to say I sort of agree.

As a dedicated Fitzgerald nut, it’s a little painful to watch. The acting is as wooden as the Armada and although Francis Ford Coppola’s script is unfailingly faithful to the book, the film still falls flat. It’s cornily melodramatic in all the wrong places and Mia Farrow in particular is a true disappointment. Like, she can’t deliver a line to save her life. I don’t know if there’s perhaps something wrong with her? I quite like Sam Waterston as Nick though, he does a lovely job and Robert Redford is alright at Gatsby although his eyes scare me.

However… Since when has a film being shit got in the way of me enjoying it? I revel in awful movies and when they look as beautiful as this, who can complain really? You know how vintage shops are full of 1980s does 1950s dresses from C&A? They look the part but on closer inspection the print is all wrong and the bodice isn’t cut right? Well this is a severe case of 1970s does 20s. I mean obviously that’s technically what it is, but for a 1920s geek such as myself there are some really cheesy embarrassing bits – powdery coral lipstick and plastic earrings… Mmm, is this a 1970s fancy dress party? Everyone in sequined headbands and bobs, even if they’re pensioners? Polyester suits? Hmm.

Still, nothing wrong with a little 20s pastiche and it who can blame them for getting carried away with the fancy dress? It’s gloriously OTT and even if it does have that 70s Vaseline lens thing going on, I can’t get enough of it.

Perfect day off viewing and now… on to the screencaps. Pic heavy, so much so I used a cut. Read on, enjoy and don’t forget to click for bigger pictures which will help you see some of the great details.

Here we go with a scene-setting party. Look at those Charleston legs in action!

Here’s poor Myrtle Wilson in her fancy party frock, shortly before dastardly Tom knocks her around. Boo hiss, I hate you Tom.

The Great Gatsby 1974 F Scott Fitzgerald Catherine

This is Myrtle’s sister Catherine. In the book she’s a typical flapper and I love how they chose to costume her in a bit of an exotica outfit with all the bangles and embroidery.

Keep reading to see a hell of a lot more pictures…

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Just a devil with love to spare

Sorry for the lack of posting, it’s been a busy ol’ week. Last night was Deftones at ULU (!!), tonight is KISS (!!) and then, well, it’s my birthday. In other exciting news, my trip to Vegas is now officially happening so I need to buy an entire themed wardrobe for my adventures. Despite Nevada being a land-locked state, something about the cheese of Vegas has got me wanting corny Hawaiian print clothes and nothing else. Luckily for me, there’s a shit tonne of that around at the moment.

Ashish Hibiscus Sequin Skirt, £475. Love this and they also have sequinned board shorts which are… amazing?

Love Miss Daisy 1960s palazzo suit, £70

Thought this was a maxi but actually pleasantly surprised that it’s a palazzo suit. I am aiming to incorporate some palazzo pants AT LEAST into the poolside section of my holiday wardrobe. I can’t believe I only just discovered this vintage site, it’s tops.

River Island Hawaiian Print Day Dress, £24.99

Saw this everywhere and loved it then saw it in store and discovered the sequin embellishment. Nicht so gut.

Topshop Hawaiian Print Playsuit, £28

Can’t see this being enormously flattering [enormous being the word] but I love the photographic print which is also on a bunch of other garments.

JOY Vintage Surf Print Dress, £35

Love this print but has anyone ever bought clothing from JOY? I don’t know anyone that has… Maybs I’ll pay a visit or make one of you goons that work at IPC check it out for me…

Rokit Pink Tropical Print Dress, £25

Tropical maxi. Is anything better for drinking beer out of a cowboy boot? No, no it isn’t. Speaking of which, can anyone remind me what bar it is where you can do that?

All that tropical goodness then obviously lead to this;

Beautiful Brexton picnic hamper

Mr Fur Coat bought me a brilliant wicker hamper a couple of years ago — complete with wine glasses and a bottle opener, as per my strict instructions. It’s brilliant but I’ve often been of the belief that if you like something, buy two. Just in case something bad happens. Thursday night was shit for anyone with half a brain so I figure that justifies my purchase of a Brexton. Ho hum.

My lovely Brexton came from Retro Retreat and I cannot rate them highly enough!

Vintage Valentino at Rokit

We were a bit harsh about Kate Hudson’s 80s supermodel look on the work website yesterday, but the truth is I’m a big fan of the Robert Palmer look on a young lady. I don’t have much call for business dressing but if I did, this vintage Valentino suit from Rokit would take pride of place in my wardrobe. Just fucking look at that! I’d be striding around the office busting balls like nobody’s business in that beaut. Paired with a Kate Hudson powder dry and stripy cheeks, obvi. I actually don’t know if there’s much I like more than red and black 80s tailoring, it’s a winner every time and makes you look like a beefeater.

You got the money, I got the soul

I was just wondering what my favourite Etsy seller Aquanetta was up to… this apparently. Call me crazy, but I have a lot of time for these. Maybe this is the way for me to handle dabbling my toe back into the world of trousers? It’s basically a skirt, nobody but you know would know… The kind of Van Gogh print is all kinds of amazing. I dunno man, I’m behind it. These, white t-shirt, these Swedish Hasbeens. Sure, I’d be utterly repellent to the opposite sex but that’s sort of the look I go for anyway.

By the way, if you want your hand to look identical to my hand, today, right now, Aquanetta is selling the same bunch of rings that I’m wearing this second. I bought them last year and they still get more compliments than any other jewels I own.