Style icons: Shampoo

The purchase of the spangly daisy top got me on a Shampoo kick – and since my last one, some magical being has created a Tumblr all about Jacqui and Carrie!

I know it’s trite to say you love Shampoo, but honestly, I was obsessed. I liked them even more than Kenickie, and that’s saying something.

I had a ring binder, somewhat like a press clippings folder, where I gathered every interview with them I could find. During my pre- and teenage years, I got NME, Smash Hits. TOTP mag, Melody Maker, Q, Just Seventeen, More!… god, what else? All of them. Anything they could be in, because I couldn’t miss pictures of Jacqui and Carrie. I worshiped them and everything they wore, said and did. In fact, I think I only got in to the Manic Street Preachers because they liked them. I videod their appearances on the Big Breakfast, the Pepsi Chart Show, TFI Friday, I taped their backstage interviews on that show they used to do on Radio 1 live from backstage at TOTP… Smash Hits once did this ace feature where they wrote out what various popstars had as their voicemails. How I wished for an answering machine so I could have the same message at them!

You get the point. Here are the pictures. ALL via the amazing amazing amazing Wash & Go-Go!

My kingdom for a Girl Power knuckle ring! I would have killed for these. Around the same time, I would have killed for X Girl clothing. How I remember going on holiday in the US and discovering that X Girl was beyond the budget of my spending money.

I love this young picture! 100% remember wanting a Dolly Bird t-shirt.

The classic. What a brilliant cover.

Let’s talk about both of these outfits. God TOTP mag was brilliant, can’t imagine today’s equivalent referring to a band as ‘scrubbers from suburbia’.

Viva las megababes indeed.

Thia interview was one of my favourite things in my press folder. It talks about them getting Mark Owen t-shirts printed – I loved the fact they made it OK for me to like Take That and them. In that picture of them hanging off the bus, Carrie had the most perfect pale pink maxi tube skirt. It still haunts my memory.


14 thoughts on “Style icons: Shampoo

    1. Me too! My friend pointed me in the direction of a ‘No, Not The Biscuit Tin’ interview (remember them??) and I remember the actual wording of each answer so well.

  1. A+++! I remember that ‘uh-oh we’re broke’ article like it was yesterday! I still get ‘Shiny Black Taxi Cab’ stuck on loop in my head.

    1. Hah it’s weird how you [me] can remember those features picture perfectly. It was ace when TOTP and Smash Hits were so music-friendly, not just pop band shit.

  2. OMG I remember that TOTP interview. I also remember reading a feature which was ‘stars in their bedrooms’ and they’d shot their room, complete with Beastie Boy the hamster and lots of weird/amazing stuff that they’d collected. Also featured was Donna Matthews from Elastica. I loved that feature. Can’t remember what mag it was in, though…

    1. I remember that one! I think one of them was wearing some kind of dress with a big plastic bubble on the front.

  3. This is possibly the best blog post in history! Do many memories! I remember going in fancy dress as shampoo to a school disco with a friend, but as we were both brunette (and had parents who would no way let us go near a packet of bleach!) we had to buy some crummy gold hair colour spray from Claires accessories. We looked such a state! xx

    1. Oh wow, I’m glad you enjoyed it! What did you wear for your fancy dress?? If I get invited to any 90s theme parties, I’m dressing up as them.

  4. […] Offering something completely different, Angela Brandy‘s colourful collection made sterling use of trim and finishes with gold chains, furry bits and metallic fabrics all combining for a kitsch line-up. The baby pastels, lime green nail polish and pale pink satins all add up to a collection that makes me think fondly of my beloved Shampoo. […]

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