Style icons: Strawberry Switchblade

When I went out with Emily the other day, she forced me (FORCED ME) to do two things; post more pictures of myself on here, and download the Spotify app. Two quite different challenges, both of which she claims will improve the quality of my life.

I remain to be convinced on the first (and actually think that maybe Emily just likes looking at pictures of me?), but the second? Fair play. Two days in, the Spotify app is the shit. Unfortunately the shuffle play, as shuffle plays are wont to do, seems to have its own favourite artists which it likes to play every two or three songs. Patsy Cline, The Weirdos, and Strawberry Switchblade are my app’s artists of choice, which is fine by me.

Strawberry Switchblade have always been big faves of mine, but I think it’s fair to say they were more of an influence on my earlier, teenage-era style – although, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a polka dot and novelty headpiece? Anyway, after spending a large portion of yesterday listening to the gals, it occurred to me that I hadn’t done any kind of post about them on here. So here it is.

I pilfered most of these pictures from, and I was really happy to come across lots of unstaged, documentary-style snapshots, as well as posted studio images. Even though Jill and Rose became famous for their monochrome/polka dot wardrobes, it’s always neat to see pictures of musicians wholeheartedly living their look…

… And seeing that their look was perhaps pre-meditated from childhood?

I’m somewhat obsessed with this typical 80s holiday snap, with Jill and Rose just looking… insane, and angry. Pictures like this always make me (as I think I’ve said numerous times) want to go back to university and dig out my ~learning journal~ and make clothes.

So far, so 80s. I know, I know – but can you imagine a time when no fuckers dressed like this, and these two just ponced around looking amazing? We’re so spoilt living in the 2010s, living online, living in London… no-one bats an eyelid! I guess if I went to work wearing this, people might raise an eyebrow, but really, I don’t think that anyone would care. These guys just looked like this and dealt with it! Heroes!

4 thoughts on “Style icons: Strawberry Switchblade

  1. ive been reading your blog for ages but never comment, on anyones blogs not just yours, thought i might start- as this post is awesome, definitely worth a comment. i think you should totally throw in some fluffy hair and polka dot bows to your wardrobe mix!

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