What to wear to a festival in Barcelona

Packing for Primavera, I decided to photograph some of my potential holiday highlights. The stellar festival lineup is almost a second best to my outfit planning. Special shout-out to Silver, who is entirely responsible for encouraging me to buy more stuff than I could possibly need.

Had a Twitter conversation the other day about over-packing and was pleased to note that so many of my friends feel the same as me and pack for all eventualities. What if we decide to go sailing? What if I’m invited to a Sheffield c.1996 party with Jarvis and all my hometown buds? What if there’s an impromptu blogger meet-up and I hate everything I own? THIS is why I need to pack half my wardrobe.

This hat for Liz Taylor moments.

Lording it at the questionably-named Wet Bar at the W in the Whistles skirt.

An array of earrings because one has to look glamorous on the beach.

This H&M scalloped crepe blazer, just in case I feel like attempting to look as incredible as my  polar-opposite-blog-idol, Emily. It’s entirely thanks to Iso’s introduction that I love her. Cheers bro!

A totally tropical vintage fave for posing next to palm trees.

Favourite vintage cheesecloth in case the weather does what it says.

Various pieces of headgear including the Luella and my favourite old Johnny & Rosie, because Coachella has taught me well.

A faintly ridiculous metallic flamenco-ish dress – which is due a post of its own to show it in all its glory – just in case I have to do a dance-off at any point. My flamenco ain’t hot, but I will at least look the part.

Nothing like a puebla for lounging.

Old faithful red bandana shirt dress for wearing every single day, probs. Why change the habit of a lifetime?

Obviously, something a bit flapper-ish.


4 thoughts on “What to wear to a festival in Barcelona

  1. I would happily re-create an incident from my childhood with your flamenco dress. I wouldn’t take my friend’s fancy dress frock off so my parents had to wait until I was back home, asleep in bed to take it off . You have been warned!

  2. As already discussed on twitter, I have a massive fear of overpacking. My outfits don’t really differ much for any occasion anyway (never wear heels, mostly wear vintage dresses) so it never really matters. Also, our holiday plans consist of getting drunk in dingy bars, staying at the festival site from start to finish in fear of missing anything and trying to get involved in some of the protests going on/visit the social centres etc. Nice bars have sadly never featured on the agenda…:(
    I always take loads of necklaces though. I really don’t know why. Shoes choices have been cut right down by my stupid fractured foot. THANKS FOOT.

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