Thank Furcoat it’s Friday


1. Def Leppard invented sexting. Thanks, Laura!

2. This week I got chewing gum stuck to the bum of my new skirt. What kind of cretin leaves chewing gum on a train seat? Of course I’m familiar with the freezer technique, but I did some Googling and found a pro housewife tip. If you wanna get chewing gum out of material, here’s what to do: freeze for a couple of hours. Pick off as much as you can with a flat knife or your nails. Then (here’s the pro tip) rub a 1:1 solution of washing-up liquid and salt on the stain and rub in – I used fancy sea salt as it’s all we had and I definitely think the coarseness helped. Rinse off. Voila – no gum, no stain, no nothing.

3. If you’re heading SE after all my New Cross love this week, make sure you pop into Cross Fest. It’s a three-day festival which costs of all £5 and boasts a huge range of music. Find out more here.

4. Burgers and Bruce. A blog dedicated to Bruce Springsteen and burgers. And nothing else.

Susie bubble and style salvage steve £1 sale

5. Susie Bubble and Style Salvage Steve are having a £1 clearout sale. I can only imagine that everything will be amazing.

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