Obsessed with M&S pyjamas

I’m not tooting my own horn here or anything, but this Lanvin pre-fall 2011 look reminds me of the M&S pyjamas of dreams – which I blogged about at some point before Christmas, and finally bought in the sales.

Said pyjamas have transformed my bedtime experience, and in conjunction with our new brushed-cotton sheets, there is a very real danger of me actually slipping out of the bed if I roll over too vigorously.

Bedtime aside, they are so tasteful that I am seriously tempted to wear them out at some point. The pyjama trend is finally gaining some momentum, and even Topshop are selling a PJ jacket at the moment. When I had to get up early the other Saturday for a trip to the post office, I was somewhat reluctant to take them off, and do think that with the right brain (a brain like Susie Bubble’s, perhaps), they would make quite a stylish outfit – and this Lanvin picture only serves to confirm my thoughts.

I have a emerald velvet turban already (which I will, will, will take a picture of at some point, because people keep asking), but I would like to invest in a silk one too – it would have the added benefit of keeping my hair under control, in much the same fashion as the old silk pillowcase trick.

Just one more Columbo thing – M&S have just started selling the same pyjamas in a new print, which is a lot more tasteful and deco in real life than the picture may have you believe. I suggest you invest.

5 thoughts on “Obsessed with M&S pyjamas

  1. I toss and turn a lot before falling asleep. Once, at a sleepover at a friend’s house spent a good portion of time pretty much spinning round in the bed.

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